On this Independence Day, Write to a Berniecrat in Jail

Justin StewartJustin J. Stewart IV, a  young African American Berniecrat and #BlackLivesMatter activist,  is in jail in Charlotte, North Carolina. Please take a moment to write to send him a card or a letter and let him know that you are thinking of him.

Last September, Justin participated in a protest against the police killing of  Keith L. Scott , an African American man summarily executed by Charlotte police.   Justin was arrested on charges related to this protest and has been under constant legal harassment since then.  After being put in home detention, which prevented him from participating in other protests, he continued his activism online.  He was then hit with a number of charges of breaking and entering into businesses.  He was arrested and his been in jail for a couple of months.  Though these later charges have recently been dismisse,d, he is still in jail on his original charge.

Justin is a well known activist in Charlotte. He was a very public Bernie Sanders supporter and has been a strong voice against police brutality, immigration abuses and for getting money out of politics.  On July 3rd, he turned 25 yo in jail.

Please  let Justin know that you care and send him a postcard or a letter just letting him know that he has not been forgotten.  He is very appreciative of the cards he has received so far and would love to get more.  Please write to Justin at:

Justin James Stewart
PID# 0000 376 362
P.O. Box 34429
Charlotte, NC 28234

(Note, if you don’t have any stationary and/or stamps at home, you can design, write & mail a postcard online at websites like this one).

His family has just set an account to fund raise money for a lawyer.  If you’d like to contribute go to https://fundrazr.com/JusticeforJustin2k17

We are all in this together!