Berniecrat/BLM Activist Justin Stewart Released from Jail

Berniecrat and Black Lives Matter Activist Justin J. Stewart IV was released from jail yesterday, August 7, 2017, after two months of imprisonment.

In September 2015 , Stewart had participated in a protest against the police killing of  Keith L. Scott , an African American man summarily executed by Charlotte police.   Following the protest,  Justin was arrested on 27-trumped up charges. He was accused of having taken part on burglaries of nearby businesses.  The only “evidence” against him was a grainy security video that showed a much shorter, stockier man.  Police alleged that the person in the video looked like Justin’s photos in social media.

While the charges have now been dismissed, Justin’s case highlights how the Police Departments and District Attorneys are willing to persecute activists – in particular activists of color – that are willing to stand up against the system.

Berniecrats all over the country were quick to express their support for Justin.