California Democratic Party Sued by Pelosi Opponent

Stephen Jaffe alleges CDP cheated to assure endorsement of unpopular congresswoman.

Stephen Jaffe

Stephen Jaffe, a well respected civil rights attorney  running for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, has sued the California Democratic Party for playing dirty with the Party’s endorsements.  Jaffe is a running on a progressive platform, emphasizing single payer health care, strong environmental regulations, banning fracking and offshore drilling, reforming the criminal justice system and ending police brutality, and ending wars of aggression and American military expansionism.

According to the lawsuit, and as previously described, the California Democratic Party  automatically endorses incumbents such as Pelosi, unless a challenge to such endorsement is filed.  This challenge must be signed by 20% of eligible participants in the pre-endorsement caucus for the district in question.  Jaffe applied to be endorsed by the Party and proceeded to collect the signatures needed using the list of eligible voters given to him by the Party.  However, on the same day that the signatures were due, the party created a new list, with a larger number of eligible voters so that a greater number of signatures would be needed.  The Party, did not communicate this to Jaffe until well passed the deadline for submitting signatures.

In his lawsuit, Jaffe alleges a violation of due process rights, fair play and transparency.

Read the complaint here.

4 Replies to “California Democratic Party Sued by Pelosi Opponent”

  1. Yet another example of the insular, tone deaf and corrupt CADEMS believing they are possessed of Devine right of power. Sadly, there is no negotiating with them…JUST DEFEATING THEM.

  2. I am furious with the arrogance of the entrenched Democrats. They threw Bernie Sanders under the bus for Hillary and look what we got as a result!

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