These are the Progressive Corporate-Free Candidates Running for Office in California

Delaine EastinGayle McLaughlinJovanka BecklesRobert RivasMaria EstradaAnkur PatelElizabeth WarrenJestin SamsonMarggie CastellanoDavid HildebrandRoza CalderonStephen JaffeJess PhoenixMIguel ZunigaAngelica DuenasDoug ApplegatePamela PriceGenevieve Jones-WrightDave MyersJane KimSteve DunwoodyPatty LopezPat HarrisJulia Peacock

Ammar Campa-Najjar


This list of candidates has been compiled through the efforts of members of the California Super-Progressive Anti-Corporate Political Activists Facebook group, a coalition of Bernie delegates and super-volunteers, progressive members of the California Democratic Party and Green Party activists.   While there may be other corporate-free, progressive candidates running for office, these are the candidates that have received the most support.

April 2018 Elections

AD 39 Patty Lopez (D)
AD 45 Ankur Patel (D) OR
AD 54 Steve Dunwoody (D) (write in) OR

Long Beach School Board: Cesar Armendariz OR

June 2018 Election

Governor: Delaine Eastin (D)
Lt GovernorGayle McLaughlin (NPP) OR
Secretary of State: Ruben Major (D)
Attorney General: Dave Jones¹ (D)

State Assembly

AD 3 Sonia Aery (D) CDP
AD 10 Dan Monte (D)
AD 15 Jovanka Beckles (D) OR –
AD 16 Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D) CDP
AD 30  Robert Rivas (D) CDP
AD 33  Socorro Cisneros (D)
AD 39 Patty Lopez (D)
AD 45 Ankur Patel (D) OR
AD 54 Steve Dunwoody (D) OR – Bernie delegate
AD 63  Maria Estrada (D)
AD 70 Rachel Bruhnke (G)
AD 71 James Elia (D) CDP
AD 73 Scott Rhinehart (D) CDP
AD 75 Alan Geraci (D) CDP
AD 76 Elizabeth Warren (D) – Bernie Committee member

State Senate

SD 4 Phillip Kim (D)
SD 24 Peter Choi (D)
SD 34 Jestin Samson (D) – Bernie delegate
SD 36 Marggie Castellano  (D) – Bernie delegate

US Senate

Pat Harris (D) OR David Hilderbrand (D)

US Congress

CD 1 Audrey Denney (D)
CD 4 Roza Calderon (D) JD
CD 5 Jason Kishineff  (G)
CD 8 Marge Doyle (D) CDP
CD 10 Michael Barkley (D)
CD 12 Stephen Jaffee (D)
CD 17 Ro Khanna(i)(D) CDP/JD
CD 22 Ricardo Franco (D)
CD 25 Jess Phoenix (D)
CD 27 Bryan Witt (D)
CD 29 Angelica Duenas (G) – Bernie delegate
CD 30 Jon Pelzer (D)
CD 31 Kaisar Ahmed (D)
CD 34 Kenneth Mejia (G)
CD 42 Julia Peacock  (D) CDP
CD 43 Miguel Zuniga (G) – Bernie delegate
CD 45
Brian Forde (D)
CD 49 Doug Applegate (D) JD
CD 50 Ammar Campa-Najjar (D) CDP/JD

Local Offices

Alameda County

District Attorney: Pamela Price OR

Humboldt County

Supervisor District 1: Dani Burkhart
Supervisor District 5: Steve Madrone

Nevada County

Supervisor District 3: Hilary Hodge

Sacramento County

Sacramento City Council District 5: Tamika L’Ecluse

San Diego County

District Attorney: Geneviéve Jones-Wright
Sheriff: Dave Myers
Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk: Matt Strabone
Supervisor Seat 5: Michelle Gomez

Chula Vista City Council District 1: Mark Bartlet
Chula Vista City Council District 2: Patrick MacFarland

San Diego City Council District 4: Monica Montgomery
San Diego City Council District 6: Fayaz Nawabi

San Francisco

Mayor: Jane Kim OR
Supervisor District 8: Rafael Mandelman

San Joaquin County

Supervisor District 2: Motecuzoma SanchezBernie delegate

(i) = incumbent

CDP = Endorsed by the California Democratic Party
OR = Endorsed by Our Revolution
JD = Endorsed by Justice Democrats

(D) = Democrat
(G) = Green Party
(NPP) = No Party Preference

Note: Inclusion on this list does not imply my support or the support of any individual member of the FB group. Members of the California Democratic Party are prohibited from expressing support or preference for candidates for state or national office not registered Democrat, and no such support should be implied.

This list is NOT final, names may be added or removed as more information becomes available.

We consider a candidate corporate-free if he does not take contributions from large businesses and corporations (those with over 25 employees).

1Dave Jones is not running a completely corporate free campaign. However, we are supporting him because he opposes the death penalty and is committed to ending mass incarceration in California.

Ruben MajorSonia AeryCesar ArmendarizRebecca Bauer-KahanDan MonteSocorro CisnerosJames EliaRachelScott RhinehartAlan Geraci